Team Building

We here at Charlotte Hot Air Balloons recognize the difficulty modern offices face in the form of an an absence of productive relationships between people. Which is why we have developed a competent team building exercise sure to strengthen teamwork and, in turn, increase performance. Furthermore, this exciting and new adventure is expected to create a tight knit work environment. Unlike various other traditional activities indicated to encourage team effectiveness that are stagnate and lifeless, our program makes it possible for team members to proactively plan, execute, and accomplish a triumphant Hot Air Balloon Flight and landing, thus involving them in every way.


We put each member through the preflight check, and consequently place them into very carefully chosen groups of smaller sizes depending upon the quantity of individuals participating. Each and every team will be given instruction by our qualified ballooning pilots on location, wind conditions and full operation of the balloon itself. The members may be asked to decide on a reliable landing site based upon their preceding instruction, calling for them to work as a team.

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Each particular group is accompanied by a pilot to assist with the general command of the hot air balloon. He will aid the team in carrying out the numerous tasks necessary to pump up the balloon and any additional safety inspections prior to takeoff. Your anticipation is shortly addressed given the genuine inflation of the balloon usually takes 15 minutes or even less. Once inflated and all necessary preflight checks have been successfully completed, the pilot will have your group board the basket to prepare for lift off!


During the course of flight the team will have the chance to learn a little about how the balloon is steered, and how flight altitude is ascertained using wind speed and weather conditions. Each and every group will have to utilize team oriented strategies to ascertain what elevation to fly at and the route to take for landing using the information given by the pilot beforehand.


The group will conclude their one hour flight with their preset touchdown location. Group members will aid the captain in packing the balloon. Each pilot is different, but typically a pilot will celebrate the experience with some form of amenity ranging from a champagne toast to hors d'oeuvres. This would be the right time for casual conversation between team members to help strengthen their relationship through remembering the flight.

Team Building

Team Building endeavors are an effective technique to enhance work productivity, strengthen communication and raise spirits. We believe the technique of planning for and partaking in a hot air balloon flight that ends in a triumphant touchdown is an outstanding chance for employees to put into practice all the principles meant to be reinforced in the course of team building. The journey of gliding 1000s of feet above a stunning landscape is bound to be a bonding experience, despite Team Building activities.

Our Team Building packages can be completely individualized to suit your team, contact us at 1-888-994-9275 to strengthen your business right away!

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