Just think of it: You have a date planned, an exciting balloon ride, but you do not let on to the surprise. Fancy their reaction when you walk up on the hot air balloon. As the burners roar to life, you lift into the perfect backdrop for this milestone moment.

This moment will be laced with the majestic and tranquil view of the wonderful earth below you and the limitless sky. There is no wind, and no noise after the burners are turned off. This alone will stick with the love of your life forever, so just visualize their reaction to the surprise of that life changing question. How could anyone say no?

Within this gorgeous setting, you can go for either the gentle embrace of sunrise to mark the start of a new phase in your lives, or use the passionate colors of the sunset as a backdrop to your romantic betrothal. Whether you lift them off their feet in the minutes before flying off into the sunset or ask that big question in the intangible quiet up above, we can personalize the perfect moment for you and yours.

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You're head can find itself in the clouds the moment you've found the love of your life. Wouldn't it be incredible if you could actually help make that imagery a reality for you and your significant other? Having your wedding ceremony up in the beautiful sky will make for a dream come to life.

There is a plethora of ways we can serve to help you to accomplish what you had always visualized your wedding day would resemble. The following are just are just a handful of illustrations of how you can personalize your experience to make your wedding one-of-a-kind:

The sky's the limit when you are organizing the happiest instance of your life.

We have informative representatives at 1-888-994-9275 waiting to help you arrange the perfect wedding ceremony for you.


Anniversaries denote a landmark to remember something extremely important in your life. The commitment made between two individuals in love should be cherished every day, but an anniversary is a chance to renew that beautiful bond. How amazing would it be to make it an even more memorable occasion than to spend your anniversary Hot Air Ballooning?

Group Event Flights

Take this opportunity to plan a remarkable anniversary with the love of your life and your family you've built together. In addition to the flight of the balloon itself, you'll also have the opportunity to take part in the customary champagne toast upon landing. If you would like to enjoy your balloon flight experience with more than only your significant other, then try this shared tour as opposed to our Exclusive flight.

What an awesome way to offer yourself and your spouse a memory that will last a lifetime or could even become a tradition you can come back to annually!

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